Learn how to play Golf – Practice, rules, and more

It is easy to get the first golf balls to fly. But then, one would like to go with the ball longer distances and the direction is also correct. The practice and training required for this can be really fun, if at least at the beginning of a golf instructor.
Group or individual lessons?
For individual lessons, you will find several golf instructors on almost every golf course. You can find more information about the prices and the offered training methods here or at the respective golf courses.
In addition, there are also many suggestions for group lessons for beginners and for special play situations. Group lessons are less expensive and are recommended for beginners, because you always need your time to practice your movements. In addition, the company with other students may bring you the first acquaintances at the golf club.
Golf rules and etiquette

Like any sport, golf has its rules. Since golf is not played under the permanent supervision of an arbitrator, the golfer himself is responsible for observing the rules, and in the event of a violation of the rules, the golfer and the golfer pays for the respective penalty points themselves. This, of course, requires a good understanding of the rules. Also, you should know procedures and behaviors for a safe and speedy game and the protection of the golf course. In golfing, etiquette is called.
Clubs, golf courses and golf schools offer rules and etiquette courses for beginners. In addition, there is a wealth of books, videos, websites and apps for smartphones that provide you with the information you need for the golf game.
Place maturity

If you have completed some practice hours and have also learned about rules and etiquette, it is time to acquire your place.
You need this place on most golf courses as proof that you can play safely and quickly on the golf course. Placement courses and examinations are offered practically in all clubs and golf courses. After you have earned the prize and certificate from the official golf association of your country, you can play at special beginners’ tournaments.